New website online. Feel free to send feedback to Please note that is no longer used and will […]
Greetings.  Due to the lack of attendance, Wednesday and Friday morning meetings have been removed.  If you have any questions […]
Welcome to the Beijing AA website.  Fall is fast approaching in Beijing.  With that comes Moon cakes and the crowds […]
Welcome to Beijing AA.  If you need to talk to someone please go to the contact page.
If you need to talk call the hotline at 189-1161-8759 or fill out the contact form. -webmaster
Another year another chip.  December 2017 in Beijing.  If you need help call the number on the website or fill […]
Welcome to Beijing. There are two new meetings that have started in Wudaokao.  Please fill out the contact form for […]
It is almost September here in Beijing.  If you are moving or visiting Beijing please send an email if you […]