From Dongsishitiao Station to the Yuanjiaguoji complex. You may not see some of the stores in the video as this video is slightly out of date. Please use the video, photos, and descriptions to inform your trip. The website will be updated again soon.  


From Dongsihitiao Subway Stop: Take Exit B and head eastwards (left) on Gongti Beilu.

Dongsishitiao 1

About one hundred meters east of the exit, there is a large public TOILET at the corner of Gongti Beilu and Dongzhong Jie.

Dongsishitiao 3

Cross Dongzhong Jie to the east side and turn left (northwards). You’ll pass a convenience store about 250 meters up the street. Continue straight, and you will see April Gourmet Market across the street. Walking past the 7-11, you will arrive at our building.

Dongsishitiao 6

Dongsishitiao 7

The revolving door is about 15 meters past the 7-11  in the center of the building. You will see the address Dongzhong Jie 40 next to the revolving door. Go in through the revolving door.




Passing through the revolving door, walk all the way through the lobby to the back door.

Do not use elevators in the lobby. Walk out the back door and arrive at an outdoor area.

Dongsishititao 14

Continue walking forward through the passage on your right.

You will see Bldg. 2 of YuanJiaGongYu. See the picture of the gate below:

Go into the gate, walk past the lobby, and turn right. 

Turn right again, walk to an intersection, and you will see a directional sticker that points you to room 103. Following the arrow, you will arrive at the meeting location. See below for a walk-through video.